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Elmetal MV OOD
Сasting and Machining of parts - Sofia

Metal casting

PRECISION molding (Investment casting) by lost-wax process


  • Precise reproduction of the profile;
  • Provides production of thin-walled castings with wall thickness of 3-10mm;
  • High accuracy in the range of 0.25 to 1.00 % of the nominal size;
  • High-quality surfaces.

Classification of castings:

  • According to the type of metal - carbon steel, alloy steel (stainless, manganese, etc.), cast iron, brass and bronze;
  • According to the weight – 0.005-30 kg.
  • SAND casting
  • Castings are manufactured from aluminum and copper alloys.
  • DIE casting (by cold - chamber machines)
  • Details are made of aluminum, zinc - aluminum alloys (ZA).


       The equipment includes two horizontal cold - chamber machines 160t and 250t, and one vertical machine - 160t.

       Melting furnaces are induction -160kg and electric resistance - 60kg.