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Elmetal MV OOD
Сasting and Machining of parts - Sofia

About us


       ELMETAL – МВ LTD was established in November 2002 and operates in the following fields: sand casting and machining of parts for the electrical industry and household use. In 2007 the company expanded and became the successor of BUSSER-96 LTD, adding the following to its scope of business: investment casting (lost-wax process), die-casting (cold-chamber die-casting method), welding, brazing and soldering, etc.


       ELMETAL – МВ LTD functions on an area of 11 000 sq m and has 47 qualified employees.


       The parts produced are used in electric power industry, food and flavour industry, chemical industry, textile and agricultural machine-building, manufacturing of metal cutting machines, automotive industry, spare parts, art work, consumer goods, etc.


       ELMETAL – MV OOD operates a quality management system conforming to ISO 9001:2008.


       We keep business relationships with more than 120 companies in the country and abroad.